Neverending Pretending

Journeyman: Reborn

'Journeyman Minimalist Roleplaying'

After stewing on the previous incarnation of Journeyman, I decided to strip it down to the bone and build it back up to something I think is a light, extensible, and expressive framework that can support any number of settings and genres.

I had a few guiding principles. It needed:

A consistent way to resolve tasks when randomness is needed.

I wanted to avoid minigames and multiple, sometimes inconsistent, subsystems for different aspects of the game. "2d6, roll high" is an extremely simple concept to keep in mind for task resolution.

As little character quantification as possible.

I enjoy games that take a more literary approach to character design, and I wanted to see what players could come up with in an unbounded playing field.

No power bloat.

The protagonists in stories I enjoy rarely get tremendously more powerful as time goes on. Typically, they improve by getting new equipment or gaining allies. I wanted to have a game that explored that kind of growth without such a focus on increasing numbers on the character sheet.

No reliance on any dice beyond d6.

Admittedly, this is a purely stylistic stance. I collect all sorts of dice, and enjoy chucking them when I can, but I relish the simplicity of the d6 and wanted to hew close to the Traveller roots.

[I love you, too, d12, we all know you're the perfect polyhedral die.]

So, I've released its new incarnation, and you can download it on my page